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upload date: 11 Jun 2013 06:43:06 PM
last update: 08 Oct 2013 08:33:33 AM
Developer: ImFusion
Category: 3D Scanning
Turn your world into a 3D model with RecFusion!

Features include:

Real-time reconstruction

Reconstruct objects interactively in real-time. See how the 3D model builds up on your screen and adjust the camera movement to get the best result.

Reconstruct in color

The reconstruction not only captures the shape but also the appearance of the object.

CPU-only reconstruction

If you're PC does not have a fast graphics card, you can still reconstruct objects. Simply record a sequence and reconstruct it offline on your CPU.

Record sequences

Record the depth and color data for later viewing and reconstruction. This allows you to try different reconstruction settings on the same sequence to obtain the best result. You can also record and reconstruct simultaneously.

Arbitrary volume dimensions

The reconstruction volume is not limited to cubes. The reconstruction volume can have any aspect ratio.

Mesh post-processing

Clean up the reconstructed 3D model using the built-in post-processing tools.
Close holes in the mesh to make it suitable for 3D printing
Smooth the mesh and reduce the number of triangles
Remove unwanted geometry by removing small connected components or cropping the mesh


Export the 3D model to standard file formats (PLY, OBJ and STL) or upload it to Sketchfab.

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