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KONE – Virtual Elevator Designer
upload date: 22 Sep 2013 09:02:43 AM
last update: 22 Sep 2013 09:02:43 AM
Developer: Zero Creative
Category: Digital Signage
KONE takes those few seconds of your elevator ride very seriously.
In fact, it aims to make your experience unique. This means having
the ability to customize. KONE therefore came up with the
revolutionary idea of helping its customers design their own
elevators. But how does one customize and choose the right design
from a range of premium elevator cars and accessories?

Together with its local partner PixelKraft, Zero Creative
established an innovative marketing solution, ‘The Virtual Elevator
Designer’. Through this interactive 3D presentation, customers
virtually design their elevators from scratch. Not to mention the
new dimension it has added to KONE’s Experience Center.

The project involved an immersive, glasses-free XYZ 3D Display,
coupled with a motion sensor for touch-less interactivity. Architects
could ‘walk’ into the elevator, ‘look around’, mix and match ceiling,
car, handrail and accessories, by merely gesturing to the screen.

Rave reviews from event organizers, existing customers and field
personnel and new sales enquiries are clear pointers to the success of the Virtual Elevator Designer campaign.

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