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KINESYS for medical (iKINESYS)
upload date: 24 Oct 2013 10:29:17 AM
last update: 28 Oct 2013 10:04:58 AM
Developer: Next System
Category: Healthcare
The "KINESYS for medical (iKINESYS)" is the non-contact solution of smooth with hygiene for viewing of 2D/3D data of medical.

Improvement of hygiene with a full non-contact operation
It is no longer worry about hygiene since required image can be searched just by movement of the hand with non-contact perusal system. Besides there is no need to give the operator instructions so that the concentration of the surgeon will not be interrupted .

Natural operation feeling of perusal
You can select a picture by moving the hand from side to side, scale the image by opening and narrowing arms, and display continuously sliced images of MRI or CT by moving hand closer and away from the screen. It enables to browse the affected area by intuitive operation.

The use of a variety of images on a medical field
Image format such as DICOM(uncompressed), JPEG, and PNG can be captured easily. You can capture and use any data that is used in the medical field such as the image of X-ray, CT scan and etc.

Easy setting of medical examination image data
The management system that can be set by a simple operation makes every one to install KINESYS for medical dedicated application capture examination image, and set up easily.

Perfect reproduction of 3D cross-section image
We have achieved a pseudo stereoscopic display of 3D cutting surface that is our original technology. To construct three-dimensional image from the information obtained before or during surgery performs a support role in the surgery process.

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