The people behind OpenNI

OpenNI Pioneering Members

OpenNI is made up of a vivid ecosystem of members, some of which have helped evolve Natural Interaction applications to what they have become. Check out their worthwhile pioneering activity and developments.

PrimeSense, industry leader in Natural Interaction & 3D Sensing
Willow Garage, experts in personal robotics applications
Open Perception, nonprofit, makers of the Point Cloud Library (PCL)
ASUS, hardware manufacturer for full body motion apps and games
Side-Kick, a leading production house for motion control games

Advisory Board

As an emerging technology, 3D sensing and Natural Interaction technology is guided by advisors whose exceptional knowledge of the OpenNI platform enable it to continually advance, improve and mature.

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    Radu Bogdan Rusu

    Radu B. Rusu is the President and CEO of Open Perception, Inc and a Visiting Lecturer at Stanford University. He is also the original founder, developer, and now maintainer of the worldwide renowned Point Cloud Library (PCL) open source project.

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    Eddie Cohen

    Eddie is a Software Team Leader at Primesense, and one of the primary brains behind OpenNI. He received his B.Sc., Physics & Computer Science from Bar-Ilan University.

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    Tomoto Shimizu Washio

    Tomoto is an Architect, a UI designer, and a mentor. Creator of award-winning motion AR applications including Ultra Seven and Kamehameha, his insights and contributions made him a key figure of the OpenNI community.

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    Matt Bell

    Matt Bell started the well known 3D Vision and Kinect Hacking meetup in San Francisco. He is also the founder of Matterport, a company that combines Primesense hardware and its own software to let users turn reality into 3D models.

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    Eray Berger

    Eray Berger is the founder and CEO of SigmaRD and a veteran OpenNI developer. He has been an entrepreneur and a technical lead for over ten years. His main focus is on computer graphics and computer vision areas.

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    Robert Wang

    Robert Wang is a Founder at 3Gear Systems which builds finger-precise hand-tracking software and gestural interaction systems using depth cameras. Robert received his Ph.D. in EECS from MIT.