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Z Vector
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upload date: 11 Aug 2013 02:00:29 PM
Developer: Delicode Ltd
Category: Miscellaneous
Version: v0.93 Beta
last update: 01 Dec 2013 04:08:51 PM
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Depth cameras and the three dimensional video that they are able to capture exponentially increases possibilities and re-use value for anything you record. The first of its kind, Z Vector’s ability to view, record, playback and warp 3D camera footage in real-time makes it a unique tool for video productions as well as performances.

Scan and record anything that inspires you: shapes, objects, animals, dancers, actors, circus performers, environments and so on. Mix and remix your recorded material inside Z Vector’s unique 3D mixer and visualize your existing recordings differently every single time.

Designed to be a live perfomance tool rather than a programming environment, Z Vector’s fun and user friendly interface takes just minutes to learn yet years to master. Nearly every variable in the software can be animated with the integrated sound analysis algorithms, synthetic rhythms or via externally triggered MIDI/OSC signals.

In development for nearly two years, Z Vector has already been used for live visual backdrops at major events such as the 55th Venice Biennale, Mobile World Congress 2013, South by Southwest 2013, Live Performers Meeting 2013, Eurosonic 2013, MLOVE 2013 and Flow Festival 2012.

Z Vector was designed to be fun to use and its basic functionality can be learned by anyone. While the key to creating interesting visuals oftes lies in inventive use of input, Z Vector’s rendering modes and full GLSL shader support (with integrated code editor) offer virtually limitless visualization output possibilities – including stereoscopic 3D!

Furthermore, all variables and custom GLSL shader code can be shared between users via outputted, special metadata containing, PNG files that remain perfectly viewable in any normal image viewer software. Sharing visual ideas has neaver been this intuitive.

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