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TYPE: Middleware Libraries
upload date: 11 Dec 2012 12:13:01 PM
Developer: PrimeSense
Category: Body Tracking
last update: 24 Oct 2013 03:18:41 PM
The PrimeSense NiTE™ is the most advance and robust 3D computer vision middleware available today, boasting a thin host, minimal CPU load, and multiplatform support.

This middleware provides the application with a clear user control API, whether it is hand-based control or a full-body control. The algorithms utilize the depth, color, IR and audio information received from the hardware device, which enable them to perform functions such as hand locating and tracking; a scene analyzer (separation of users from background); accurate user skeleton joint tracking; various gestures recognition; and more.

For the old NiTE 1.x middleware, see OpenNI SDK History:

For more information about NiTE license, please read the NiTE Licensing and Distributions terms:

Please note that this version is the unstable version (Beta) and requires OpenNI2.2 Beta in order to work.

New features in NiTE 2.2 Beta:

  • Added support for Capri

  • Multiple devices support

  • Java Wrappers including two new samples (UserViewer.Java & HandViewer.Java)

  • Linux support

  • Mac support

NiTE key benefits:

  •    Thin host middleware for natural interface

  •    Wide range of gesture detectors

  •    Configurable, flexible and extendible by users of the OpenNI standard

  •    Multiplatform – Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android

  •    Minimal CPU load, optimized for x86 and ARM architecture

  •    Proven mass-market scalability


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