Applications Guidelines
TYPE: Applications
upload date: 18 Feb 2013 04:31:08 PM
Developer: IntelliVision
Category: Body Tracking
Version: V2.1.3
last update: 19 Feb 2013 10:55:07 AM
iGesture3D turns your Primesense sensor into a Gesture Recognition Scanner.

This Gesture Recognition software recognizes the following hand gestures:

1) Dynamic hand gestures with swipes up and down, left and right.
2) Clockwise and Counter-clockwise rotation of fists.
3) Waving or Bye-Bye Gesture.
4) Triangle Gesture made from two hands.
5) Count the number of open fingers raised.
6) A raised single index finger acts as a virtual mouse pointer.
7) Tapping movements of index finger as a single-click and double-click mouse action.

Kindly refer to the sample video for demo of above listed gestures.

This is a sample application that demonstrates the hand gestures recognition capability of Intelli-Vision. Kindly contact us for integrating the iGesture API/SDK in your own application.

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