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3D Hand Tracking Library
TYPE: Middleware Libraries
upload date: 17 Dec 2012 08:16:33 PM
Developer: FORTH
Category: Body Tracking
Version: 0.4b
last update: 24 Mar 2013 04:56:00 PM
This library provides an API to the 3D hand-tracking framework developed at CVRL, ICS, FORTH.

The developed software tracks the 3D position, orientation and full articulation of a human hand from markerless visual observations.

The developed method:
- estimates the full articulation of a hand (26 DoFs) involved in unconstrained motion
- operates on input acquired by easy-to-install and widely used/supported RGB-D cameras
- does not require markers, special gloves
- performs at a rate of 20fps in modern architectures (GPU acceleration)
- does not require calibration
Windows7 64bit or Ubuntu 12.04 64bit workstation. NVidia GPU with CUDA and OpenGL 3.3 support. Check README.txt and LICENSE.txt for details.

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