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3D Face Identification
TYPE: Middleware Libraries
upload date: 18 Dec 2012 08:31:41 AM
Category: Security
last update: 06 Jan 2013 09:55:01 AM
This program performs 3D face recognition with the PrimeSense camera. It first detects the face of the user using RGB information (by the face detector in OpenCV). Second, it converts the depth data from the detected facial region (probe data) to a pose-normalized depth data using multiple references. Then, it compares the probe data to the all stored facial data (gallery data). This program has been implemented based on the paper “Real-Time 3D Face Identification from a Depth Camera” [1]. The program provides a set of basic functions including enrollment and identification so that users can call these functions from their own applications while there are some limitations.

[1] R. Min, J. Choi, G. Medioni, J.-L. Dugelay, “ Real-Time 3D Face Identification from a Depth Camera”, 21st International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), November 11-15, 2012.
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