Sensor Filter

  • ManCTL
    3D Scanning Made Easy
  • IntelliVision
    IntelliVision is a leading company in “Video Intelligence and Automated Monitoring” solutions for security, surveillance and safety markets. IntelliVision is a well recognized and proven company in this market. Our products have been very successfully deployed at several top customers and partners in the USA, Europe and Asia. IntelliVision has been deploying its solutions for about 9 years in this market. IntelliVision is based in San Jose, Silicon Valley, California, with offices in Asia and Europe.
  • CoVii
    CoVii is a R&D computer vision company. We develop 3D sensors SW, interactive an
  • Delicode Ltd
    Delicode is a Helsinki, Finland based software boutique specializing in designin
  • Artec Group
    3D scanning technologies and solutions
  • University of Southern California
    Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems, Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California. Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • LMI Technologies
    LMI Technologies is a developer of 3D scanning and visualization technologies.
  • GlobalSensing Technologies
    GlobalSensing Technologies is doing Embedded Pattern Recognition Primary Market: Security (human detection), Industry Robotics, Medical (posture analysis), Education...
  • Soroush Falahati
    Software and Web Developer