Sensor Filter

  • CoVii
    CoVii is a R&D computer vision company. We develop 3D sensors SW, interactive an
  • SigmaRD Computer Vision & Graphics
    SigmaRD is a leader and a valued partner in providing solutions for its clients. We deliver the highest value to our customers needs with state-of-the-art technology. SigmaRD achieves perfection.
  • Delicode Ltd
    Delicode is a Helsinki, Finland based software boutique specializing in designin
  • Intempora
    Intempora develops and markets RTMaps, a component-based framework for rapid development of multisensor applications. RTMaps supports asynchronous data acquisition for any kind and any number of sensors. Time Stamps are assigned to every data sample which can be processed in custom data fusion algorithms and recorded. Built-in data record and replay offer post-processing capabilities, such as offline algorithm development and flexible data logger design.
  • Soroush Falahati
    Software and Web Developer