Z Vector lets pros and amateurs alike show off their VJ skills

“The most fun and addictive visual tool anybody’s ever released.” 

Did that get your attention?

That’s how OpenNI partner Delicode, a team of developers in Finland who create applications for motion sensing that are used in the performing arts industry, feels about its live visualization software Z Vector.  But don’t just take their word for it—excited evangelists in the visual performer community are posting comments like these to social media that back it up.

Z Vector is the world’s first professional visualization software designed exclusively for modern depth sensors. It allows you to sample reality in real-time, visualize it the way you like and explore it in 3D with full HD resolution.

And to be honest, it is fun and addictive.  Z Vector enables you to become the VJ you’ve always dreamed of becoming.  From warping recorded material in a number of ways, to changing and controlling camera angles after recording, to using shading and color effects and synchronizing these effects with sound, you can take shapes, forms or textures and create an intentional, futuristic mishmash with the seemingly endless visualization possibilities of 3D video.

Just look at these examples:

Think of it as a cross-over tool that’s fun to use, but still taken seriously by pros.  No advanced programming skills are needed for unique and interesting results that a user controls.  Also, although recommended for full functionality, no depth sensor is required to run the software.  Standard .ONI files can be used as input.  And did we mention that six samples have already been prepared and recorded with a professional dancer so that anyone can try it out?

If you’re still not convinced of its coolness factor, the software was developed in close collaboration with the Helsinki-based electronic music duo, Phantom. Originally meant to be a one off project to create a music video for Phantom’s “Scars”, the development of the software took flight once the video went viral.

Z Vector was launched in June at the MLOVE Confestival in Berlin and the software will be making the rounds at a number of festivals later this summer. The software was also showcased at the OpenNI booth at SIGGRAPH, where the likes of Oculus VR founder and CEO Palmer Luckey tried out Z Vector’s integrated support for stereoscopic rendering with a Carmine 3D sensor and the Oculus Rift.

The video below shows a sample workflow and features.  Z Vector is currently available in free beta for both Mac OS X (10.7+) and Windows (7+) and supports both the PrimeSense Carmine 1.08 and 1.09, amongst other devices. Download the software for free from the OpenNI Arena or from the official webpages at http://www.z-vector.com and let your inner VJ get creative!

Read more about what Delicode is doing elsewhere on the OpenNI blog.