The World you Live in is the World you Game in

Something new and definitely awesome is coming your way. Yesterday Paul Jacobs, CEO of Qualcomm, unveiled Vuforia Smart Terrain™ in the keynote speech at Uplinq, showing how 3D sensing and Augmented Reality can create new and immersive gamin experiences on mobile device.

Amazing capabilities are soon to be available to our developer community as OpenNI SDK  and Vuforia  bring together the best AR gaming platform while giving developers (you!) the freedom to create with more features on top of PrimeSense Capri depth sensor.

Together, OpenNI and Vuforia Smart Terrain make a new dimension of mobile gaming possible.

It’s not a secret that bringing 3D to the realm of Augmented Reality gaming makes the experience not only interactive and intuitive, but also real. Unite the gaming and the real world, with tech that allows you to build the gaming environment around your surroundings and transform your toys into characters. Build your world and play in it too.

With the next release of Vuforia SDK, the download will already include the OpenNI libraries. By plugging in your 3D sensor you will already have the ability to develop on top of the OpenNI and Vuforia SDKs. Interactions with the virtual and real world have no overlay, a markerless 360 view with precise dimensions as well as collision detections and occlusions.

Don’t miss out! Look for the release in Spring 2014 for use with the PrimeSense™ Capri™ sensor.

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