OpenNI at GDC Europe 2013

GDC Europe 2013
Booth #151

OpenNI Demos 3D Sensing for Multi-Platform Motion Gaming at GDC Europe 2013

ActiveMe, VTree and faceshift showcase 3D sensing in motion games and  PrimeSense’s smallest 3D embedded sensor, Capri, will power mobile sensing applications on Google’s Nexus 10 tablet over Android

TEL AVIV – 19 August, 2013 – OpenNI® (, the largest 3D sensing development framework and community, returns to the Game Developers Conference Europe 2013 at the Cologne Congress Center East, August 19-21 to demonstrate 3D sensing and Natural Interaction (NI) applications that bring multi-platform motion gaming to developers

In the OpenNI Booth, #151, they will be joined by its founding member, PrimeSense and developer partners ActiveMe, VTree and faceshift, who use the open source standard for developing computer vision middleware and 3D apps for various OSs.

PrimeSense (, the leader in 3D sensing and Natural Interaction, will show its Capri embedded sensor, the world’s smallest 3D sensing device, powering mobile 3D applications on a Google Nexus 10 tablet running over Android. Also, for the first time in Europe, PrimeSense will present its Real View™ 3D measurement application which lets mobile users to view the camera feed on a tablet using Capri 3D sensor and obtain measurements of anything in the photo with a 3D overlay. The company will also showcase PrimeSense NiTE™, the most advanced and robust 3D computer vision middleware for full body interaction.

ActiveMe (, which develops, creates and produces end-to-end interactive solutions and content, brings Android to the TV. The OpenNI developer will demonstrate two full body interaction motion games with Carmine 1.08 3D sensor:

Canyon Escape is the first 3D rocket-steering game in full body gesture, and it comes with amazing graphics and a wide range of atmospheres, from the Rocky Mountains under a scorching sun or a thunderstorm, to the gloom and darkness of molding abandoned mines!

Butterflies: In a fairy world, you have to catch as many pollens as you can while driving your own butterfly. This enchanting game will surprise the most toughened players for its exceptional graphic qualities and its incredibly addictive gameplay.

VTree Entertainment (, a leader in the adaptive video games industry, joins OpenNI to demonstrate its Android compatible motion game Pro Riders Snowboard. Slide into your device with some of the most stunning realistic 3D graphics and gameplay to hit the slopes. Immerse yourself with some of the most impressive snow-covered landscapes the world has to offer, and perform real world tricks, flips, jumps and grinds.

faceshift (, will show its software, faceshift 1.2, the next generation of the company’s technology that uses OpenNI platform to change the way people interact with each other in virtual worlds. faceshift’s markerless motion capture system uses the PrimeSense short range 3D sensor, the Carmine 1.09 to capture real-time facial expressions, eye gaze, and head pose, to allow users to animate virtual characters for use in film and game production. faceshift 1.2 is compatible with OSx, Win and Linux.

“GDC Europe always presents an excellent opportunity to showcase OpenNI-based products and solutions from our community of developers,” said Tal Dagan, VP Marketing and Product of PrimeSense, pioneering founder of OpenNI. “The true advantage of OpenNI is the multi-platform compatibility, and this is the base for what we’ll see at the OpenNI booth. It’s also the source to the amazing support from the developers– the ability to develop on any platform Android, Linux, Windows, or OSx – that’s how you reach 1 million SDK downloads. We look forward to celebrating the creativity and innovation of these 3D sensing developers.”

About OpenNI

OpenNI is the largest 3D sensing development framework and community. The open source SDK is the recognized standard for developing computer vision middleware and 3D solutions. The OpenNI community provides developers with a full range of software tools along with a vivid ecosystem platform for effective collaboration and promotion.

The Open NI consortium was established in November 2010 as a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to promote and standardize the compatibility and interoperability of Natural Interaction (NI), devices, applications and middleware. For additional information, please visit or follow on Twitter at @OpenNI.

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