Let’s Start Cooking !

Bake a cake too long and it burns.  Add too much salt to a sauce and it tastes bad.  Cooking can seem daunting at times, but recipes deconstruct the science behind the food to deliver the “how” over the “why” and offer the key to getting it right.

Now, OpenNI is getting into the mix.

OpenNI Cookbook was published in July 2013 as a practical guide on natural interaction UI development using OpenNI technology.

Want the formula for retrieving and using depth, vision, and audio from compatible devices?  Looking to understand how to recognize hands, humans and skeletons and track their moves?  Need step-by-step instructions on customizing frames right from the device itself?  The recipes are right here.

Written for beginners and professionals alike, OpenNI Cookbook covers the elements of OpenNI technology—from the most basic to the most advanced.  Illustrations, practical examples and instructions for understanding its natural interaction features allow developers to experiment with the OpenNI framework—mixing and baking games, application UI, low-level data processing or motion detection using high level application programming interfaces (APIs) while at the same time accessing RAW data from different sensors of different hardware supported by OpenNI using low level APIs.  The book’s recipes also detail expanding OpenNI and applications through new modules and middleware, including NITE.

The book was written by Soroush Falahati, a Microsoft MCPD certificated C# developer of Web and Windows applications, who started programming at the age of 13 and whose hobbies include voluntarily training robotic teams how to program microcontrollers.

Getting a recipe just right can make all the difference in the 3D sensor user experience and developers rely on 3D sensing framework like OpenNI for a complete API.  We’re always excited to see the OpenNI community sharing knowledge that can help support and fine-tune developer skills.  OpenNI Cookbook offers every developer the possibility to let his or her inner celebrity chef shine.

Put on your apron, grab a whisk, and get cooking!