Get Your Game On!

Ready to get your game on?  We sure are! We’re barely back from Siggraph, and we’re off again to GDC Europe next week to demo 3D sensing and NI applications for multi-platform motion gaming.  We’ve got an awesome lineup of travel companions as well as founding member PrimeSense.

So, who’s going? What exciting things do we have to show you? And, where will you find us?

ActiveMe – developer, creator and producer of end-to-end interactive solutions and content, brings Android to the TV. ActiveMe has been on the road with us for a few adventures this year. They joined us at Google I/O where they awed the crowds with their interactive reality game, Alice in Zombieland. At GDC, ActiveMe will demonstrate their new Android powered, full-body interaction motion games built using OpenNI SDK and PrimeSense Carmine 1.08 sensor.

Canyon Escape is the first 3D rocket-steering game in full body gesture, featuring amazing graphics and a wide range of atmospheres, from the Rocky Mountains under a scorching sun or a thunderstorm, to the gloom and darkness of crumbling abandoned mines!

Butterflies lets you drive your own butterfly through a fairy world, where you have to catch as many pollens as possible. This enchanting game will surprise the most toughened players, for its exceptional graphic qualities, and its incredibly addictive gameplay.

VTree Entertainment – a leader in the adaptive video games industry joins OpenNI to demonstrate its Android-based game using PrimeSense sensors and OpenNI SDK. Gamers can catch some 360s with Pro Riders Snowboard offering some of the most stunning realistic 3D graphics and gameplay to ever hit the slopes. You’ll get so caught up in the excitement of performing flips, tricks, jumps and grinds in one of the most impressive snow-covered landscapes, you may find yourself jumping from couch to chair!

faceshift joined us at GDC in San Francisco and they’re riding with us again! faceshift uses PrimeSense’s Carmine 1.09 short range sensor to let you animate characters in any scenario with real-time facial expressions, eye gaze, and head pose. With faceshift, users can animate virtual characters to use in film and game production.

PrimeSense will present the European debut of its Real View™ 3D measurement application, using the tiny Capri™ 3D sensor on a tablet. Capri is the world’s smallest 3D sensor, powering 3D sensing applications on mobile devices. And, last, but certainly not least, visitors to our booth will get to experience PrimeSense NiTE™, the most advanced and robust 3D computer vision middleware for full body interaction available today.

We love visitors, so stop by and see us at Booth #151 and pick yourself up a free t-shirt! Snap a picture of yourself with one of our awesome new designs and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #OpenNI. That’s all you have to do to get one of sweet designs from below. Plus, you’ll be the best dressed person in the building.

If you’d like to set up a meeting, contact us.  We’ll see you in Cologne!