Delicode Bring Books to Life at Game Developer Conference 2013

Have you ever dreamt of stepping inside the book you’re reading and becoming the main character? Have you ever entered Narnia and battled the White Witch as Peter, or skyrocketed into space as Tintin (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone!)?

Well that’s exactly what the team at Delicode ( are allowing children to do.

At next month’s GDC the award winning concept design and software house will be on-hand to take you through ‘Kinetic Stories’. A charming, interactive experience that opens up a whole new world of enjoyment for kids, allowing them to literally step inside a book on screen and guide their character through an unfolding story.

Curious? You can get a taster of it here:

In a recent interview with us, Delicode’s CEO Julius Tuomisto described their latest program – which, we’d like to add, was one of the Selected Projects to be shown at both Game Connection Europe and America.

“Its a gestured based story book. Its more like a traditional story than a game,” he said.

“What’s cool about this concept is that we’re mixing traditional printed material with technology, so the concept is very much twofold. When you close down your TV set or your computer or iPad, wherever you’re using this storybook, you still have the ability to pick up the printed book and the story can continue outside of the digital world. Its a nice link between the parents and the child.”

Kinetic Stories was born from Delicode’s original – and main – product: NI mate. A software program they released back in 2011 that takes real-time motion capture data and turns it into MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and OSC (Open Sound Control).

As Julius explained, NI mate simplifies the process of creating your own motion program; allowing you to make sensor based games like Kinetic Stories (for which NI mate was the cornerstone) more easily.

It’s a great piece of OpenNI software and, as Julius proudly pointed out, amongst one of the OpenNI Arena’s most downloaded programs. We’re pleased to say its a good partnership!

“We love the new version of Arena, its a great platform that allows us to be recognized. I think NI mate is currently the second most downloaded program on there which has been really nice for us, and many more people have found us through it which is great,” he said.

And, like us, they’re also excited about the future.

“We really like the way things have been developing with OpenNI lately and we’re really excited about Capri as well. We’re really looking forward to that.”

If you’re interested in having a chat with Julius, or just fancy giving Kinetic Stories a test run, then he will be on hand to meet you at one of the OpenNI stands at GDC next month.

So come down and give it a try! Surely you’ve always secretly wanted to give being Little Red Riding Hood a go… No? We know you would really!