Come Together at the OpenNI Community

It’s a big ol’ world out there, but we have a safe space. A place for everyone in the natural interaction community to share ideas and solve problems, with a little help from your friends.

Gone are the days of drifting through Twitter and Facebook, searching for answers in places unknown.

What’s Here?

The Community page is sorted into a few different sections. It’s always a great idea to start with Frequently Asked Questions and Common Problems. Your answer could already be there!

Get more specific: Ask a Question or Share an Idea from the main Community area. Asking your question initially results in possible matches being shown below. The search could end here!

If none of the options look quite right, finishing posting and your question will be in front of more than 800 diverse topics as well as the OpenNI Team. Did you hear that? 800 topics from our 20K registered users. That is a lot of people creating, discussing and just plain doing great things in our community. Never a dull moment and no one gets stuck on the same questions.

If this isn’t your first time at the developing rodeo, don’t be shy: share your knowledge! You can reply to any topic on the board with information you think might help the original poster. It’s just a little bit of good developer karma.

One tab to the right takes you to the Share an Idea. If you’ve figured out how to do something totally rad, the rest of the community should know! As we learn, we grow together!

Just want to take a look around, but don’t know where to start? Topics are easily filtered by type:

Or simply search for your key term. It’s all OpenNI related so you won’t have to sift through the billions of Google results or hope some other soul has been answered on Yahoo Answers.

The Community exists to serve, but only you can make it truly great. Participate and watch it thrive!