OpenNI-compliant 3D depth sensors can be purchased from the following e-tailers:


[1] PrimeSense Sensors[2]Based on the highest quality and most popular Reference Design in the world. Carmine supports various applications in numerous industries, including capability for customization and adaptations for specific markets.

  • Carmine 1.082[3]
  • Carmine 1.09[4] (Short Range)


[5] ASUS Xtion[6]Motion Sensor for PC – Whole body action in apps and games. Get active! Motion games and apps are available in the Xtion store.RD1.081 


Hardware Specifications:

  1. [Image]:
  2. PrimeSense Sensors:
  3. Carmine 1.082:
  4. Carmine 1.09:
  5. [Image]:
  6. ASUS Xtion: